Crescent Cities Charities Grants Policy & Application Guidelines

Program Guidelines

In 1999, Crescent Cities Charities, Inc. opened the Crescent Cities Center Nursing Home.  After 20 years of successful operations, it has been sold to another operator.  To that end, we have set aside some of the proceeds from this sale to provide grants to qualified charities who address the health, welfare and social concerns of the citizens of Prince George’s County and surrounding jurisdictions.

To ensure that our budget is distributed in the fairest manner possible and have the greatest favorable impact, we have established a grants committee.  This committee will have the responsibility of selecting those organizations they consider most deserving and determine the amount of the grant. Most grants awarded will range from $500 to $2,500, however we may award larger grants if the need is great and budgeted funds remain.

As a general rule, grants are not made to individuals or to organizations not recognized by the Internal Revenue Service to be nonprofit and tax-exempt.

Application Procedure

Crescent Cities Charities, Inc. is aware of the difficulties faced by nonprofit organizations in seeking funding sources. Grant application procedures can be exceedingly difficult and in some cases impossible without the help of an expert.

With this in mind, to assist you in applying for a grant, the Foundation has established a relatively simple process for submitting funding requests. Please fill out the online application. Applications will include the following information:  

1.    Organization name and Taxpayer Identification Number        

2.    Contact person, address, email, and phone number

3.    IRS Determination Letter and most recent tax return

4.    A brief description of the organization

5.    A description of the program or project to be funded

6.    The amount of money requested (specific or a range) and how it will be spent